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Farah Diana
7 May 1991
Bachelor of Accountancy, UiTM KBM
My tears are still falling from my eyes, this is not about wishing you'd come back to me, and it is not about wishing someone would notice me. This is about surviving. This is about simply getting through tomorrow.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorry sorry sorry !

Forgive and forget, ..what is that? 
urmm.. Maybe we could forgive somebody who has done many wrong things to us but to forget what they have done.. could we really do that? Well, come on.. admit it.. our brains tend to remember the worst thing 
that happen and we could never, ever forget it right?

Brains are not like computer hard drives which you could delete and permanently delete anything you don't want. So I don't really think that if one person insist saying that she already forgive and forget, she really means it... maybe I did forgive him, but I never stop hating him. This hate grow day by day and at one moment I realize, I could never ever forgive him. Let it be my fault or his fault.The past, present and future are connected.. Whatever you have today is because of yesterday.. and we always wishing for a better tomorrow!

I am not perfect but i am trying to be good.. everyday is a journey of learning and experiencing life. Sometimes we are too proud to say ‘sorry’, ‘its my fault’, ‘please forgive me’. I believe forgiveness makes us feel peace and it is a tips for a radiant and youthful appearance…LOL...I hope that one day, I will be lucky enough to forget.. 

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